Four Myths About Babies

1. Babies have a short attention span.Babies have superb attention, interest, and enthusiasm for everything in the environment. They pay attention to ten things at once instead of focusing on one thing at a time, as adults do. This is one reason why they learn so rapidly. They may not pay attention to what we want them to pay attention to, and this may be frustrating to us. We would do better to find out what interests the baby and pay more attention to that with the baby.

2. Babies cannot talk.

The baby is trying to communicate almost all the time. It is not easy for the baby, because he cannot make sounds that we adults understand as words. As a result, we often assume that the sounds he makes are meaningless. The sounds the baby makes are not like language­–they are language. All sounds are language. The baby does not waste his breath. Always listen to your baby. Be willing to wait for a response. Accept the fact that the baby decides whether to respond or not; it is his choice. Respond to what he says. Welcome enthusiastically every effort the baby makes to talk. It is vital for the baby to know that Mother knows that he is talking.

3. Learning begins in school.

Learning begins at birth or before. The brain grows explosively between conception and age six. Learning is actually an inverse function of age. The younger the baby is, the faster he will learn. The brain literally grows by use–in a sense, just like the biceps grows by use. In fact, the brain is the only container that has the characteristic that the more you put into it, the more it can hold.
If the baby is provided with visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation with increased frequency, intensity, and duration, and given enhanced mobility, language, and manual competence opportunity, he will develop more rapidly in all areas. This will increase his overall understanding of the world around him and greatly increase his interaction with his family. His happiness, health, and general well-being are also significantly improved by stimulation and opportunity.

4. Parents are the problem.

Parents are the answer, not the problem. Mothering and fathering are the most important professions in the world. Mother is the best teacher her baby will ever have. Parents know their own child better than anyone else. Parents should never compromise or allow themselves to be bullied into doing anything they do not understand or with which they do not agree.


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