The Students of The Institutes live in the wild for a week

We live in a time where children no longer live in bare feet from April to September, climb trees, build forts, or play capture the flag until their parents order them in at night. Kids now live in a virtual world.

Alan, a Senior Naturalist, armed with his camera and megaphone, welcomes visitors to The Pioneer Institute.

But it does not have to be that way.

For one week every year, the kids of our little school eat, sleep, and adventure in the woods.

During the school year, our students study scientific classification. They study the Phyla, Classes, Orders, Families, Genera, and Species of the Animal and Plant Kingdoms.

In June each year, we are privileged to be able to live in the wild and study animals and plants in their natural surroundings.

Teaching Natural History is easy and great fun with students who already know many animals and plants, and lots of interesting facts about them.

A crayfish is found in the creek and recorded.
After completing our Environmental and Personal Excellence Checklists to make sure that everything is in perfect order and ship-shape, we have our breakfast, and Natural History field study gets underway.

Our young naturalists keep a careful record each year of every species sighted and all botanical identifications made.

Whether a child comes from the city or the suburbs, it does not take long for Mother Nature to work her magic. Within a few days every child is in love with the trees, the flowers, and the many creatures that they see. There are so many problem-solving opportunities in the wild that the child would not encounter anywhere else. Whether it is a one-hour hike in the woods or a two-week campout on a lake, every child should have a chance to experience the peace and beauty of the natural world. It is their birthright.

Never a dull moment: Each minute of the day is used for search and discovery and enrichment


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