The Newborn: Let’s Mobilize Babies

When you improve one function of the brain, you improve all functions to some degree.

Without question, the single most important program for any one-day old baby is the Floor Program. It, more than anything else, determines whether a child will be physically excellent. During the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course, great emphasis is placed on the Floor Program. Unfortunately, there is little time to go into how vital the Floor Program is to intellectual development as well.

Providing the reading program is being done properly, the only other possible reason it may not go as well as expected is that the child needs the improved midbrain development, the respiratory development and the improved convergence created by a Floor Program of crawling and creeping.

The perfect way to insure that reading, language and mobility develop at hitherto unexpected rates is to start the Floor Program from day one. That literally means the first twenty-four hours of life.

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