Better Babies Return To Become Better Parents

The beautiful gardens on the campus of The Institutes provide a warm welcome for our parents in our June course.

Since the very first presentation of the “How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” course in 1978, we have been hearing from our parents about their children. Now those better babies are all grown up and having their own better babies. Many of our kids who are now adults remember well the fun they had learning at home with their mothers and fathers using Bits of Intelligence and reading and dot cards. Now they are accomplished in their own careers and want to instill that same love of learning in their own children.

Students in the “How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” course demonstrate their programming skills in the computer language of Logo. It looks like they are voting for answer #3. Are they right?

One such woman is Tarea. In 2004, her mother who attended the course in 1979 sent Glenn Doman an update about her daughter:”

“In 1989 we moved to Switzerland, and Tarea attended the Geneva International School, where she became fluent in French and German.  While living in Europe, she studied gymnastics in Hungary and competed for the Swiss Gymnastic Team.  She took 2nd place overall in the Swiss Nationals at 11 years old.

She later graduated as Valedictorian from the Atlanta International School in 1995, having just turned 17.  She was honored as “Best All Around Senior”, receiving the “Atlanta Constitution Cup” from the Atlanta Journal.

In 1999, Tarea graduated from Stanford University (after an internship in Paris and the White House) with a BS/BA in Science, Technology & Society” (STS).  Tarea credits her ability to excel, and the ease with which she learns and adapts completely, to The Institutes and the wonderful gift Glenn Doman enabled me to give her.”

Terea’s mother, now proud grandmother with Susan Aisen at The World Organization for Human Potential dinner held in Pisa, Italy to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Institutes in Europe.

In 2015 Tarea and her husband came to take the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course.  Tarea was pregnant and wanted to learn how to teach her baby everything that her mother had taught her.

Her baby is now almost two years old and she has a second child.  Tarea has been doing a dynamic program with her babies right from birth. Her children enjoy a life of stimulation and opportunity at home just like she had when she was a baby.

The Institutes children perform on the Terrace of Clark Hall for family and friends

You can start your child on a pathway to capability and confidence. Your child will never, ever have a better teacher than you. The younger a child is the easier it is to learn. Your child will never be any younger than he or she is right now.

Now is the time. Join us: 4 June 2017.


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