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The Association ” Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential Europe Onlus” was created in 1987 to give a concrete answer to the needs of the families of brain-injured children. It is a non -profit organization and is legally recognized by the Ministry of Health “Gazzetta Ufficiale year 132° number 138, 14 June , 1991.

Gli Istituti a Fauglia

The Institutes in Fauglia

The Association recognizes the family as the most appropriate and the most natural way to realize the full achievement of human potential of brain-injured children. The main purpose of the Association is to support families who have decided to take on a role of protagonists in the development of the affective, intellectual and social development of their children. For this reason in 1990 the European headquarters of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, an international foundation based in Philadelphia for over 50 years dealing successfully of the recovery of brain-injured children, was created. This European branch made it possible for families to avoid having to travel to the States, saving them lengthy and costly trips to the U.S. to care for their children.

The Institutes are a center for research, information, and training for parents.


Glenn Doman, founder of the Institutes

The Institutes were founded in 1955 by Glenn Doman.
From the beginning, the Institutes were able to radically change the general attitude towards brain-injured children. In the world unfortunately there are still those who believe that talking about the care of a brain-injured child is a contradiction.
In the early years the program of care for brain-injured children was carried out with in-house patients, with staff working directly on them. Then it was understood that the most effective way to get the best results was for the parents to do the program at home by themselves

Janet Doman, Director of the Institutes worldwide

The Institutes have opened the way to a deeper understanding of the central nervous system as a sensory – motor system. Many of the methods originally tested at the Institutes are now universally accepted and used: crawling, creeping, patterning, the programs of reading, math, and encyclopedic knowledge for young children, the categorical rejection of crutches and wheelchairs, the oxygen enrichment program, and specific nutritional programs. There are, however, other programs which have been developed here at the Institutes that are not yet used by other institutions, such as the program of awakening from a coma, the breathing pattern, the gravity and anti-gravity environments, the cerebral integration and the social, intellectual and linguistic development programs. The Institutes have also created detoxification programs that allow the elimination of anti-epileptic drugs such as Ritalin.

Douglas Doman, President of the Institutes in Europe

Douglas Doman is the Deputy Director of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and president of the Institutes in Europe. Son of Katie and Glenn Doman, he grew up on the campus of the Institutes in Philadelphia along with brain-injured children in the clinical program. Even before the age of twenty he was part of the research groups in expeditions to study the Navajo Indians in Arizona, the Eskimo of the Arctic and the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. During his studies at Bard College he was part of the Experiment in International Living. For seven months he studied the development of Guambiano children among the Indians of Colombia, South America. He has been the president of the Institutes in Europe since their founding.

Two generations helping children all over the world


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