Douglas Doman

Douglas Doman in his studio in Fauglia

Douglas Doman is the Deputy Director of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and president of the Institutes in Europe. Son of Katie and Glenn Doman, he grew up on the campus of the Institutes in Philadelphia along with brain-injured children in the clinical program. Even before the age of twenty he was part of the research groups in expeditions to study the Navajo Indians in Arizona, the Eskimo of the Arctic and the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.

Douglas Doman assists little Irene during brachiation

During his studies at Bard College he was part of the Experiment in International Living. For seven months he studied the development of Guambiano children among the Indians of Colombia, South America. In 1975 he went to Japan to teach English to children. He then traveled to Melbourne, Australia, to work with Tim and Claire Timmermans, true authorities in the field of preparing parents to teach their children to swim. The early years of Douglas on the staff of the Institutes were spent in creating the School for Human Development, a school for young brain-injured adults. He and his staff created the first course of human development in the world, a circuit that uses physical activities to promote the development and organization of the brain. Between 1977 and 1980, Douglas and his staff made significant discoveries in the physical development of both healthy children and brain-damaged children.

Douglas Doman shows the diagram for visual rehabilitation

They investigated and discovered the quantification of human mobility and, working with NASA , created the vehicle for initial crawling. Douglas is co-author of several volumes of the Gentle Revolution series, including ” How to Teach Your Child to be Physically Superb”, translated into ten languages and published all over the world. His most recent book in the Gentle Revolution series is ” How to Teach Your Baby to Swim”. He is qualified at level Developer and Teacher in Human Development. He is responsible for the Institutes’ operations in all of Europe and of the families in the program. Most recently, he directed the work of the Institutes with ASIC, a global pioneer in sports equipment. ASIC , working with the Institutes, produces the Institutes Developmental brachiation Ladder ®, the Infant Crawling Track and shoes specially designed for children.

Douglas Doman explains to parents the use of the Antiroll Device

Other tools to improve brain growth of children are in the process of production. Douglas is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institutes in Mexico, where classes and lectures are presented each May. He is married to Rosalind Klein Doman, director of the Institutes for the Achievement of Physical Excellence. They have four children (Marlowe, Spencer, Morgan and Noah) who have graduated or are following programs of the Institutes for healthy children.


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