Janet Doman

Janet Doman

Janet Doman, director of the Institutes

Janet Doman has been the director of the Institutes since 1980. She grew up in the Institutes and began to help brain-injured children when she was just nine years old. She was directly involved in the revolutionary work of the Institutes on early reading. At fourteen, she illustrated one of the first books ever published which was written and designed to be read by children two and three years old.

After completing her studies in zoology at the University of Hull in England and physical anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, Janet dedicated herself to the teaching of early reading programs to parents of the Institutes.

Janet Doman con suo padre Glenn

Janet Doman with her father Glenn

In 1974 she directed a team sent to Japan to teach English to children and mothers in the Early Development Association in Tokyo. Upon returning to the United States she contributed to the creation of the Evan Thomas Institute, the first school dedicated to teaching the mothers of healthy children how to develop their children intellectually, physically, and socially.

Janet and her father updated and revised the international bestseller, “How To Teach Your Baby To Read”, “How To Teach Your Baby Math”, and “How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence”. She’s the author of the children’s books “Enough, Inigo, Enough” and co-author of “How Smart Is Your Baby?” and “How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge”. Janet spends most of her days teaching parents of healthy children and hurt children how to discover the vast potential of their children and their own potential as teachers.


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