Down Syndrome

At one time the Institutes did not take care of children with Down syndrome. Raymundo Veras was to begin a journey that led Glenn Doman and the Institutes to accept these children in the program, often achieving outstanding results. Dr. Veras was one of the closest collaborators of Glenn Doman and in his honor the Institutes children with Down syndrome are called “Veras children”.

“These children have problems with vision, hearing, speaking, breathing, walking, learning. And besides all this, they have problems in these problems. It makes me sick to read these things. It makes me sick even just repeating them, because I believe that these lists have made our doctors raise their hands in despair and say, hopeless, hopeless, hopeless… The programs for these children are very, very difficult… It’s a tough job but they get better.

They always seem less desperate. And more and more hopeful. ”

Raymundo Veras


Cosa fare per il vostro bambino cerebroleso – Il Corso


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