Have you read about us, have you read our books, seen our films, have you decided to get in touch with us? In this section you can find a way to get in touch with us, by following one of these paths.

  • You can call the Institutes in Fauglia . The number is 050 650 257. You can speak in Italian, English and Spanish and ask for Graziana or Rosalia.
  • You can send email to the Institutes of Fauglia. The e-mail reference is
  • You can use the modules of our site:

From this moment on, this is the path that we will follow to help you.

  1. We will ask you, verbally or via e-mail or traditional mail, to provide a range of information about your child, to have you contacted by a member of our staff best suited to follow you. All information will be treated in strict confidence and only after we have been authorized by you.
  2. We will send you free of charge, via e-mail or traditional mail, all the necessary information including those relating to costs of treatment) so you can decide if you feel that our Institute will be useful to your child, whether healthy or brain-damaged.
  3. A qualified member of our staff will get in touch with you directly in the form that you have requested to answer all your questions, direct you in your choice, explain the various stages of treatment, help you with all the necessary paperwork and, if you so choose, proceed with enrollment, the first step in the relationship between families and the Institutes.

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