What To Do With Your Brain-Injured Child

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The course “What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child” is the first step to help a child with psychomotor retardation, spastic quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, problems with balance, movement problems, autism, seizures, behavior problems, learning problems, hyperactivity and Down syndrome.

The aim of the course is to prepare the parents so that they can use that knowledge to help their child heal. To develop a rehabilitation program the family must understand it and share it.

The Association presents the course “What to do About your Brain-Injured Child “for a period of 5 days, during which the parents, with the help of specialized staff, learn to understand and evaluate the injury of the child and learn to use the basic techniques for a rehabilitation project for their own child.

The course consists of over 50 hours of lectures, demonstrations and practical instructions concerning the growth and development of the brain-injured child.


Monday: Learn how the brain grows and develops, and how the brain injury stops or slows down this process. You will be told where in the brain the various functions (movement, language , learning, etc.) reside.

Tuesday: You will learn how to do a neurological assessment in diagnosing the site of injury and severity.

Wednesday: You will learn how to improve the mobility and language. You will witness live demonstrations with children who do the intensive program.

Thursday: You will learn the importance of patterning and you will learn to do so during the practice session. You will learn how to improve your child’s eyesight and hearing. You will learn how to improve his health, his breathing and how to bring more oxygen to the brain.

Friday: You will learn how to organize the rehabilitation program at home and how to deal with safety and competence.



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