How To Teach Your Child To Be Physically Superb

di Glenn Doman, Janet Doman, Bruce Haghy

In this book, the only one of its kind, the authors present a concept compelling and scientifically founded on the function and physiology of the brain and explain, in a clear and conversational style, how a physical activity program integrated into the daily life of the child, might influence deeply the processes of brain growth and neurological organization. Also shows that the cascading effects of these processes is to stimulate both social and intellectual growth and physical development. Not content with theoretical explanations, they also provide a precise answer, gradually and logically to allow each child to achieve these goals .

” Can you really multiply the physical intelligence of a child? Yes, you can. How? You can multiply the physical intelligence of a child by following these tips:

  1. make sure he has the greatest opportunity to learn all the wonderful things there are to learn in each of the seven stages while performing his evolutionary journey in the brain;
  2. make sure you do not waste even a moment of his life while he fully enjoys the journey towards maturity.

How can you do all of this in more precise terms? That’s precisely what the theme of the book deals with in great detail. ”

Glenn Doman



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