How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence

di Glenn Doman

In a suburb of Philadelphia every two months a group of 80 people from all parts of the world arrives at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. They arrive to attend a 5-day course on how to multiply the intelligence of their child. These people have four things in common: 1) they are all parents 2) they all have a great love for children, 3) they have faced great sacrifices to be there, and 4) they are all determined to make their children better people in a better world.

This book was written to provide the knowledge, experience and teaching methods of the Institutes to all those parents who so desire in the quickest and least costly manner possible.

” For some time it has been clear to us that mothers have always been completely right in saying that their children do not do everything that they are able to do. Now it is also clear to us why moms and dads have always been right in thinking that their children had the right to ask for more out of life. If ever there was a mistake on the part of the parents, it was to not know that they were right. We now know without any doubt that:

children want to multiply their intelligence;
children can multiply their intelligence;
children are multiplying their intelligence
babies should multiply their intelligence;
you can teach mothers how to multiply the intelligence of their children. ”

Glenn Doman



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