What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child

di Glenn Doman

libro1WTDWTD by Glenn Doman is one of the milestones in the history of the recovery of brain injury. The book’s success is largely due to the success of the clinical experience of the author and his team, who for several decades have focused attention and research on methods and novel approaches to the treatment of children with brain injuries. The origin of this enterprise, of great scientific and social relevance, are the amazing, almost miraculous results achieved through the involvement of parents in the therapeutic process. The systematic repetition of the experience then led Doman with the firm conviction that the vast majority of children with brain injuries can in fact be brought back to normal brain function, in some cases even above-average levels, as long as intervene is carried out early and following appropriate intervention strategies. It’s especially that parents cooperate actively with the therapist. The book is written not only for psychologists and professionals, but also for, and with particular attention to parents. Hence the dual characteristic of the text: on one hand the rigorous scientific documentation regarding the theoretical and methodological approach, as well as clinical practice, and on the other a precise description of a long series of cases treated with success, thanks to the collaboration of parents convinced of their children’s recoverability and therefore encouraged to persevere in their work.

“The brain grows with use”

Glenn Doman


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