How To Teach Your Baby Math

di Glenn Doman e Janet Doman

libro3MatThis book provides a simple and clear daily program for teaching math to young children. Math, they argue, is not a subject of study such as geography or history, but a way of thinking and reasoning, its teaching should not be a chore but a joyful experience, fun and very rewarding. It opens another wonderful road on the long road that leads to maturity.

” The children have learned mathematics easily and with a success that initially leave us open-mouthed in wonder. Clearly it is our duty to make available to all mothers in the world this information so that they can decide whether they want to take advantage of the opportunity to teach math to their children. This book is our way of informing mothers who can teach mathematics and how to do it …

Of the many things … we have learned, the fact that mothers are absolutely the best teachers for their children is what we value most. Enjoy these moments full of joy, happiness and love. ”

Glenn Doman


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