Hot To Teach Your Baby To Read

by Glenn Doman

Written for parents, this brilliant book brings you the revolutionary idea according to which children have a lot more potential than many adults recognize in them.

Among other things, the author demonstrates that young children want to learn to read, they can learn to read, you actually do it without our knowledge and that it is good that they do.

In this regard, after discussing the various arguments that have been introduced regarding the problem of teaching to read at an early age, sets out in detail a method to teach reading to children.

“The possibility of increasing the neurological organization has not been proved in any case as clearly as when teaching reading to a healthy baby.
Reading is one of the highest functions of the human brain: of all the creatures of the earth only man can read.
Reading is also one of the most important functions in life, since all learning is basically founded on the ability to read.
It’s really strange that it took so many years to realize that the younger the child is when he learns to read, the easier it is for him to learn and the better he will read. ”

Glenn Doman



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