How Smart Is Your Baby?

by Glenn Doman, Janet Doman

If we can give our children the foundation for a solid education, tomorrow they will become the leaders of a better world.

The book explains why babies absorb information so quickly, in addition to the processes of their development.

Teaching the child when it is at the peak of receptivity, we provide the best opportunity to excel in our complex world.

“This is the history of the beginning of a revolution, the gentle revolution. A revolution that brings with it enormous, wonderful changes, but without bloodshed, hatred, death or destruction.

The gentle revolution is based on the idea that young children have the capacity to learn almost anything. We believe that children up to six years can learn things without effort, things that in the future would be difficult if not impossible to learn. Adults learn at the speed of a snail, young children learn very fast. Adults sometimes do not want to learn, while the children would prefer to learn rather than eat. “

Glenn Doman, Janet Doman


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