Aspirant Program


The program provides a special program for aspiring parents who want to treat their child at home and wish to enter the Intensive Treatment Program.

Who can participate

Both parents must have participated in the course What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child and have completed the program of consultation at home. In giving appointments, priority is given to those families who have carried out a more complete program and length of time is also taken into consideration.


To prepare for the Institutes, parents need to go over the books of the Institutes and in particular the book What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child by Glenn Doman, as well as notes and materials received in the course.


Parents bring their brain-injured child to the Institutes for a full evaluation. The child then receives a specific program outlined by the staff of the Institutes with the aim to make him reach physical, intellectual, social, and physiological wellness.

Both parents must always attend all visits at the Institutes. During visits parents are encouraged to ask any questions on the development of their child: staff responds to questions as much as possible.

The parents come home and perform an intensive program daily and consistently. They maintain a direct contact with the clinic through the figure of their Advocate, a staff member in charge of their child.

After this first visit, usually lasting two days, the family carries out the six-month comprehensive program as it has been prescribed. After completing the six months, both the parents and the staff are able to decide whether it is appropriate to enter the family in the intensive treatment program.

Even if staff were to conclude a family is not suitable for the intensive treatment program, parents can still choose to continue with the program of lecture series or to study at home.


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