The Intensive Treatment


The aim of the Intensive Treatment Program is to help as many children as possible to reach their full physical, intellectual and social growth. Since this is the program of the Institutes which offers the highest intensity, duration and frequency, the children enrolled have the best chances of achieving wellness.

Who can enroll

The IT program can be accessed by invitation only. The key issue is that both parents have attended the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course and completed the program of home consultation. To be invited, the family must also successfully have carried out the aspirant program.


Parents must successfully complete the previous programs and also demonstrate that they have the determination, energy, endurance, preparation, intelligence and dedication necessary to implement this program.


Every single part of the program of intensive treatment must be completed each day. One of the parents must always be present during the execution of the home program.

The revisits at the Institutes typically last five days and are scheduled approximately every six months. Both parents must be present at all visits, during which they also participate in lectures on brain development in children.

The family is in constant contact with staff through the advocate who has been entrusted to them, in addition, thanks to the Institutes’ magazine THE IN–REPORT, which parents receive regularly, they are kept informed and updated on the latest programs at the Institutes.

The medical care of the child is entrusted to the child’s family doctor. If necessary, children in the intensive program may be invited to be part of the research programs of the Institutes.

Because of the particularly intensive nature of this program, there is no time for the child to attend other programs or schools.

During the first two years of the intensive program, the majority of children reach at least one of the most important victories, such as seeing, hearing, walking, talking, reading or writing for the first time. At the same time, a small number of children reaches normalcy and graduates from the program, but in any case, in the first two years of the intensive program most of the children have a substantial improvement in the quality of life, but do not reach full healing.

At the end of this initial period of two years, parents receive certification as a specialist in child brain development (the highest certification you can aspire to at family level). At this point there are two possibilities:

  1. The family may choose to stay in the intensive program, provided that there are not already more than five hundred children in the program.
  2. Parents can decide to return to the program of home study and continue independently with the care of their child.

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