Consultations At Home


The goal of this program is to prepare parents for the aspirant program, helping them to achieve a consistent home program.

Who can participate

Parents who have attended the entire What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course and then obtained a certificate of attendance can attend.


After attending the course What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child, parents perform a full assessment of their child based on the developmental profile of the Institutes. Parents can then outline a program to carry out at home with their child, so he can grow from the motor, intellectual and physiological standpoints. The materials for the program of home consultation (including a questionnaire about the program and a copy of the developmental profile) are obtainable during the course, and you can also apply for one at the European headquarters of the Institutes in Fauglia.


Parents need to delineate their home program and do it every day for at least two months. Then they can send the story of the home consultation and the developmental profile of their child to the clinical staff of the Institutes.

The materials thus sent are carefully controlled by a director of the clinic, who then contacts the family, indicating what changes are needed to improve the program.

When the family is ready for a visit to the Institutes, the Director who followed the parents will contact them to communicate the appointment date.


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