Glenn Doman al lavoro nel suo studio negli anni '80

Glenn Doman at work in his studio in the ’80s

The Institutes were founded in 1955 by Glenn Doman. Their historic home is the Campus of Wyndmoor at the northern edge of Philadelphia, in the United States. Here Glenn Doman and his staff succeeded from the very beginning in radically changing the general attitude towards brain-injured children.
In the early years the program of care for brain-injured children was carried out with in-house patients, with staff working directly on them. Then it was understood that the most effective way to reach the best results was for the parents to do the program at home by themselves, teaching them everything necessary and maintaining constant contact with the families. Courses, conferences and visits are constantly updated by the staff of the Institutes to ensure that parents can always offer the best service to their children.

The Institutes have opened the way to a deeper understanding of the central nervous system as a sensory – motor system. Many of the methods originally tested at the Institutes are now universally accepted and used: crawling, creeping, patterning, the programs of reading, math, and encyclopedic knowledge for young children, the categorical rejection of crutches and wheelchairs, the oxygen enrichment program, and specific nutritional programs.

However, there are other programs which have been developed here at the Institutes that are not yet used by other institutions, such as the program of awakening from a coma, the breathing pattern, the gravity and anti-gravity environments, the integration of brain and social development programs, intellectual and language programs. The Institutes have also created detoxification programs that allow the elimination of anti-epileptic drugs such as Ritalin.


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