The Future

Sapremo accettare la sfida di sguardi come questo?

These are the looks of the future

We are proud of our history and the fact that it has accumulated thanks to a team of researchers that has always looked to the future as the best place in which to live and help children, both healthy and hurt. This is why even today we continue to prepare for the future, hoping to be ready to accept and share the challenges posed to all of us by all the young people to come.

“It will probably start with a new, unknown group of angry young men, of Upper Tomahawk, Kansas and San Jose in Brazil, who could say, with complete disregard of due respect: < those old turnip heads in Philadelphia did not have a new idea for brain-injured children in twenty years >. It will likely continue: < Those old guys were not bad in their time, but wrong in their basic assumption, that the best thing to do for a brain-injured child is to heal; twenty years ago that was fine, but not right now… the real solution for brain-injured children is not the cure, but the prevention of injury >.

We like to think that when that day comes, we will say : <Listen to these young people because they are right beyond any doubt>. We like to think that when that day comes we will not only agree with them, but we will gather together all the influence and prestige we could have by then, in order to help them…

We like to believe… in all of that, but we are also realists and scholars of history from head to toe… History and probability say that when those young people enter the scene we will say < young people like this, full of impossible, crazy ideas and prone to exaggeration, are the cause of all the world’s ills >.

We make a solemn vow not to do it, but history testifies that we will do so… [let this] book serve as a full acceptance and an embrace for that future group of young people. ”

Glenn Doman



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