Glenn Doman, at right, with Dr. Raymundo Veras, in the ’60s

In 1955 Glenn Doman opened the Institutes, following the instinct and experience gained alongside Temple Fay in starting absolutely revolutionary treatments. He found a way to work with characters equally eclectic and bold, such as Linus Pauling, Raymond Dart, Raymundo Veras and all the hundreds of staff members of the Institutes that have worked over the years in its various branches around the world. Today, the methods developed by the Institutes to assist healthy or hurt people in achieving their human potential are used everywhere, even by those who still do not believe they are valid programs which have been taught with unequivocal success to thousands of people. Initially, however, the concepts expressed by Glenn Doman and his staff were pretty shocking. In his words:

“What were we believing? If today our theories seem so simple as to be obvious, I can only say that in 1957 very few people thought them so. We believed:

a) that the brain injury resides the brain (this has always been our firmest belief);

b ) that, because the human brain controls all functions, if it is severely damaged the symptoms of the injury will be highlighted in any area of the body;

c) treating the symptoms that manifest themselves in the eyes, ears, mouth, chest, arms, legs and any other part of the body does not alter the basic brain injury;

d) that if we could successfully attack the problem in the brain itself rather than just the symptoms, they would disappear spontaneously;

e) that there were means to direct treatment to the brain itself.

It must therefore be regarded… as a fundamental principle that when a lesion exists within the confines of the brain, care, to be successful, must be directed to the brain, where lies the cause, rather than to the peripheral area where the symptoms are reflected…

Nothing has changed in this principle since 1957. Nor does it change now. ”

Glenn Doman


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