Oxygen Enrichment

“… The group realized that there was a well-known reflex to cause deep breathing, though it had never been used in a therapeutic sense… if in any breath intake there is not enough oxygen, or there is too much carbon dioxide to sustain life, the chemoreceptors not only register that immediately, but they take action by activating a process into the brain, pushing the human being to breathe deeper and faster. This breathing is a reflex. We held the paper bag tightly around the face of Lorraine in order to cover nose and mouth: in 30 seconds the CO2 concentration in the bag was high enough to force her to start deep breathing acts. Claude Cheek , who first thought of the paper bag, suggested using plastic ones designed to administer oxygen to patients: they cost very little and were already available… Her chest began to grow in extent, which was puzzling because Lorraine was already an adult and therefore it was assumed she had a relatively stable structure… The results exceeded expectations: not only it improved the patient’s breathing, it also decreased her respiratory based illnesses. As in the case of polio, the brain-damaged patients had fewer pulmonary complications of other members of their family…

We had discovered a technique that not only improved the nutrition of the brain, enriching the oxygen supply, but sometimes saved a life. ”

Glenn Doman


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