Early Reading

Imparare a leggere è divertente

Learning to read is fun

“The fact is that today the brain-injured children of only two or three years are learning to read regularly with the program of the Institutes. It was Tommy Lunsky who opened our eyes… Tommy was born severely brain-damaged… they came to us when he was three: he could neither move nor speak… The Lunsky’s followed the program with religious intensity. When they returned for the second visit Tommy could crawl… When Tommy returned to his eleventh visit it was just past his fifth birthday… This brain-injured child was actually reading much more quickly than he could pronounce the words aloud… After that day, none of us was ever the same, because this was the last piece in a puzzle that had been forming over the past twenty years… the trouble was that we were using typeface that was too small for children… We had had a tendency to keep the characters so small that a normal preschooler simply could not tell the difference between one word and another… the secret is simply to make it easy for him to notice that the printed words are different from each other. And television has revealed the secret with advertising… The child’s brain hears the clear strong words of the announcer through the ears and the brain interprets them as only it can do. At the same time he sees the large clear characters on the screen through the eye and combines them in exactly the same way…

There is no need to ask the question: can very young children learn to read ? They have already said, they can. ”

Glenn Doman


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