Early Development

Glenn Doman con i bambini dell'Evan Thomas Institute

Glenn Doman and the Evan Thomas Institute’s children

The Gentle Revolution began quietly more than half a century ago and it was and is the most gentle of all revolutions.

Consider the aim of the Gentle Revolution: give all parents the knowledge they need to make the children very intelligent, very able and good, and in doing so, make the world healthier, more human and more decent.

The Gentle Revolution maintains that young children have within them the ability to learn virtually anything. It says that what children learn, without any conscious effort, at two, three or four years old, can only be learned with great difficulty or can not be learned at all in subsequent years.

In 1964 “How To Teach Your Baby To Read” was published for the first time. Parents all over the world read the book and so began the Gentle Revolution. More than two million people have read it in English. A bevy of mothers almost immediately wrote to express their joy in reading the book and their success in teaching children.

It’s been more than thirty years since then. It is now clear that the really smart children, with a good cultural background, capable and self confident, are those who are nicer and kinder.

They have all the characteristics that make us love children.

The purpose of the Gentle Revolution is to give every child in the world, through his parents, the chance to be great.



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