The Evan Thomas Institute

The Evan Thomas Institute is one of the most important structures inside of The Institutes of the Achievement of Human Potential in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. The children of parents who have followed the course ” How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence, ” receiving the title of professional parent and living near the Institutes, can enroll their children at ETI. This program is completely free for parents and for children.

” The Evan Thomas Institute program is nothing more than a demonstration school unique in the world, whose main task is to document the fundamental discovery of the staff of the Institutes:

Every child, at birth, has a potential of intelligence higher than that ever used by Leonardo da Vinci.

Evan Thomas Institute’s children, so affectionate and extremely capable at the same time, are not the product of the well-being of any particular privilege, genetics or a higher education of their parents. They are the genuine product of parents who gave them unlimited opportunities, and the sooner they had these opportunities, the more easily they learn.

You can teach anything to a child of two years, provided it is presented to him in an honest and factual way.

The younger he is, the easier it is to teach him.

Just give him many opportunities with love and joy… and then let him do it. ”

Glenn Doman



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