Up To 12 Months

Mai troppo presto per imparare

It’s never too early to learn

“Right from the time the baby is born a battle starts. The mother does everything to keep her son close to her, while the world goes to great lengths to separate them. This is a mistake, because mothers are for their children the best possible teachers…. Most mothers know very well that the first months of life are critical because the baby will be healthy for the rest of their lives. And they are right… Unfortunately, the mothers usually do not have access to the information they need to make the most of those first few months… They are convinced more and more often, against their common sense, to let their children be raised by other people: but… the children are not sheep. It’s true that they have physiological and emotional needs, but at the same time their neurological needs are huge. This need is the need of the brain to receive stimulation and opportunities. When these needs are met in full, the neurological, physical and intellectual abilities of the child increase.

Armed with the right knowledge, mothers and fathers, who know their child better than anyone else, can create an environment that will satisfy both the basic needs of the child, and those of his developing brain.”

Glenn Doman
Come moltiplicare l’intelligenza del vostro bambino – Il Corso


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