Learning Math

La matematica è bella anche da piccoli

Math is fun also when you’re small

“In learning mathematics children actually have a huge advantage compared to adults. In the reading of the words we adults recognize symbols or facts without effort. Therefore both the written word refrigerator and the refrigerator itself can be recalled to mind instantly and with ease… We adults recognize with great ease and without any effort numerical symbols 1 to 1 million and beyond. However we are not able to recognize the actual number of objects over ten or so with a certain degree of reliability. Children are able to see and identify almost instantly the actual number of objects, as well as identify the number symbol if they are given the opportunity to do so sufficiently early in life and before they are presented with numerical symbols.

In this way children have an incredible advantage over adults in learning mathematics and really understanding what happens in arithmetic.”

Glenn Doman
Come moltiplicare l’intelligenza del vostro bambino – Il Corso



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