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Mother vs. iPad

I don’t think iPads are better than mothers. I don’t think iPhones are better than mothers either.

I love my iPhone. I doubt that there are many people on Planet Earth who love and appreciate the genius of the iPhone any more than I do. When it’s bad boy little brother arrived – the iPad –I knew the minute I saw him that he would change everything, and he has.

Yes, the benefits and the potential of the device cannot be underestimated. I love tools and this is, and can be, a great tool, perhaps one of the greatest.

I don’t know why it is so, but when a new tool is created and it has great promise, we very quickly seem to find every way to sabotage or subvert that promise.

Are cell phones, tablets and computers really good for our babies?  

The last time we were in teaching in Singapore, we could not help but notice that every mother keeps her iPhone and her iPad close at hand. If the baby in his stroller yelps with joy at some sight or starts to complain, he is immediately handed the iPhone or the iPad. Some mothers pause to select a game such as the breaking balloon game, where the baby will spend an alarming amount of his time bursting balloons that appear and break right on cue.

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The WTD in India: a letter from Douglas Doman

Douglas Doman during a WTD Course

Dear Parents,

As you know from the letter below The Institutes will be presenting our What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course in New Delhi, October 5-10, 2014.

We have very little time before we reach the deadline for registration, which is July 7th. If you wish to enroll please contact Harriet Pinsker as explained below. Please be so kind as to remind your friends that if they wish to enroll they need to do so now.

One of our fathers on the Intensive Treatment Program, Viraj Mohan is very kindly helping to make the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course a reality in India. If you would like to help in the efforts in bringing The Institutes programs to India please contact Mr. Mohan at mobile number 97171 76540.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for the parents of brain-injured children. Indian parents can attend the course with me and The Institutes professional staff from Philadelphia without ever having to leave India. This is a course that is life changing for the brain-injured child and everyone in the family.

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