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Trisomy 21 Little Egor gets a great start for a great life


Egor was born with Trisomy 21. When this diagnosis is given to parents, it is often given with a prognosis that offers little hope for the child’s future. However, Egor’s parents were especially determined to make sure that Egor had the opportunity he needed to achieve his real potential.

They immediately began looking for answers.

When Egor was only 4 months old, they discovered the book What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child.” The book, his mom said, “gifted us with hope and made us to have an optimistic view into the future again.” His parents used the book to evaluate Egor using The Institutes Developmental Profile, and they immediately started a program with him.

Parents made sure little Egor had lots of opportunity to move on the floor.

Parents wasted no time and achieved an impressive home program, which included daily opportunity for Egor to crawl in an environment that made this easier for him. Parents also understood the importance of sensory stimulation for Egor. They provided visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. They used the book How Smart is Your Baby? as a guide, and started the language development activities outlined in the book. They learned about manual development and began manual activities recommended in the book.

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Un nuovo film di presentazione degli Istituti (sottotitolato in italiano)

Terminati i corsi in Italia e in Giappone, c’è stato il tempo di realizzare i sottotitoli del nuovo film di presentazione degli Istituti, ricco di informazioni e di testimonianze dei genitori impegnati ad aiutare i propri bambini a raggiungere i successi che meritano. Buona visione.